Let's Play With Food by Elaine Good
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Let's Play with Food
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About the Book

Let's Play With Food is a Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free Cookbook that is the first step in teaching young children to relate to food by color as it pertains to nutrition and what their body needs to be big and strong. Are your children addicted to junk foods and refuse to try anything that doesn't come in a box? This book offers the alternative that is more fun than giving in. 

Let's Play With Food uses the color of food to create characters on a plate that are so cute that no one will notice how healthy they're eating. Nature uses colors to identify nutrition and so do the Let's Play With Food recipes. Wholesome ingredients become meals that are low in common allergies and artificial stimulants but offer positive energy and encourage story telling. 

Let's Play With Food uses common, easy-to-handle foods to make meals that are both amusing and enjoyable in a way that will make food shopping fun. Our recipes open eyes to see the vibrant beauty of everything that is healthy to eat instead of what's seen on commercials.

No more bad food choices because everyone is 'starving', children can make these meals with little if any supervision and Chef Tips put them on the table as fast as you can get a car to the drive through window. If your family or friends have food sensitivities Let's Play With Food offers ‘Yes’ with a big smile instead of 'You can't eat that'. Our goal is to make your mealtime fun and loving.

With appreciation of a busy schedule our recipes put snacks, lunches and meals together and get children excited to get into the kitchen to help or to make themself. The ability to make your own food not only builds confidence, but our meals encourage imagination and creativity. Numerous studies have proven that children who are involved in the preparation of meals eat healthier and continue to make healthy choices throughout their life. Let's Play With Food will get them started.
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Let's Play With Food by Elaine Good