Let's Play With Food by Elaine Good
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Let's Play with Food
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About the Author

My family's traditional food was competing with fast food chains that hide behind a circus-like world driven by free toys. This is tough competition! Passing on my grandmothers' grandmother’s recipes is part of a family’s heritage; I’m not giving that up without a fight! I had to come up with a way to make my meals win my grandchildren’s vote as their favorite.

Let’s Play With Food offers the know-how to get children excited about eating healthy meals that are rich in flavor and nutrition by using easy to find, old-world ingredients with techniques and short cuts that bring balanced meals to the table within a modern time constrain. Let’s Play With Food gets families into the kitchen together and, while learning to prepare food through artistic creation and story telling, end up eating healthier.

Fast food chains and packaged foods are aggressively sold to children using fun-promising characters and toys, while delivering food that is filled with fat, sugar and salt and includes addictive chemicals instead of nutrition. This convenient dietary choice is considered to be a major cause of life-long diseases, obesity and autoimmune problems in children and establishes eating habits that are hard to change. Let's Play With Food uses characters OF food, and is the secret weapon to learn and love the food that the body needs for maximum health, while sharing stories and having fun making cute meals.

When my daughter’s work schedule included weekends, I took over Saturday’s with my grandchildren: Donut 4 and Picky Princess 2. I’ve been an Organic Corporate Chef for over 10 years, I’ve cooked at major events in Los Angeles, and I was Bradley Cooper’s Personal Chef! I was confident that I was going to get those kids to eat right.

After three weeks of tossing full plates of food into the garbage, I came up with a new approach. A turkey burger became Elmo for lunch: covered in red cranberry relish (sugar free), zucchini eyes and mouth and a yam nose. I put the plates down in front of the kids.  Silence. Their mouths dropped. They looked up, they looked down, and they burst into laughter and ate the whole thing.  Next came Real Potato Head: steamed potatoes and shapes of colorful vegetables. Donut (who would live on donuts if he had his way) nibbled and assembled for 2 hours. Picky Princess dipped the veggies into a yogurt dip (dairy free) and asked for more.

The following Friday night, a phone call, Donut enthusiastically asked: ‘What are we making for lunch tomorrow?’ and that’s how the Play happened in “Let's Play With Food”.  I knew I was onto something and decided to write this cookbook. Let's Play With Food is as much fun to make as it is to eat. I'm wining this battle and so can you.

Let's Play With Food is the first in a series of books that will explain body + food = energy. Let's Play With Food is for 3-8 year old children to begin to handle food, develop their palate and give them a basic understanding of nutrition, by color. This opener will soon to be followed by Eat Your Math Homework and Devour Chemistry.
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Let's Play With Food by Elaine Good